Dominic Lacasse, Canada’s Human Flag

Dominic Lacasse, Canada’s Human Flag

44 years old Quebec native Dominic Lacasse began his current acrobatic career after seven years of gymnastics and 14 years of circus performance. Chosen to represent the flag of his own country in the official celebrations of 400 years of the city of Quebec, Dominic has developed and perfected the art of the human flag that he brought to a higher level and turned into an artistic discipline.

Since then, known as “The Flag Man”, Dominic has been in growing demand, traveling around the world to demonstrate this impressive routine. He has performed for countless live audiences and on high-profile television shows including The Ellen Degeneres Show, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde and La France a un incroyable talent (France has incredible talent), among others.

In November 2007, Dominic appeared on the Guinness World Records™ show when he set a record for the longest human flag, holding the position for an impressive 39 seconds. He hold now 2 Guinness World Records.

He has also been awarded several circus festival prizes, including the Special Prize, Monte-Carlo 2009; Silver, Wuqiao-China 2009; Bronze, Izhevsk-Russia 2010; Silver, Voiron-France 2014 and the Golden Buzzer at France’s Got Talent in 2014. He was honored to received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013) for is accomplishments.

A most requested teacher in physical areas such as trampoline, circus, and physical training and stretching, Dominic coaches some of the world’s best successful circus performers. Dominic is well-versed in acrobatics, including both ground and aerial acts. He left this profession in order to respond to the ever-growing demand for his unique act.



Martin, born in Brazil and very proud of his Mexican heritage, was trained by his father, Martin Espana, Sr., a respected circus performer and producer who is noted for walking around the giant Ferris Wheel. Martin also inherited his father’s infectious enthusiasm and love of life and it permeates all of his appearances and performances. Martin was born to perform and his life’s passion is to take people out of the realm of the ordinary and to entertain them with the extraordinary!


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